The 2nd Annual Satellite Football Lift-A-Thon

Thursday, March 14 @ 6th & 7th Period

SHS Gymnasium

The Satellite High School Football Program & Touchdown Club is sponsoring

our 2nd Annual Lift-A-Thon

to emphasize the importance of our off-season workouts and the weight room, while supporting our

student-athletes in all of their physical & emotional development needs. All of the money raised will
assist in funding our $50,000 renovation to our out-dated weight room - which will include all new power
racks, all auxiliary equipment, and signage. At the conclusion of the renovation, which we hope to be
complete by the end of summer 2019, we will have signage, 10 new power racks, all new benches, all
new bars and all rubber plates – rust will no longer be existent in the weight room. The weight room will
be more functional, safer and a better reflection of the school/program as a whole. We are very excited for
this project – as we feel it will greatly improve not only the physical & mental development of our
football team, but also the entire school, since the weight room is used throughout the school day as part

of our PE Department. This is truly a school-wide project that benefits many different types of student-
athletes & teams. As such, I will ask the Athletic Director to push as many teams to join our weight

training classes – where we will provide strength, speed and nutrition programs that are sport specific,
individualized & gender specific. Each player must raise $200. There are several ways this can be done:

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