Our Head Coach's Introduction Letter - January 2017

Dear Satellite High School athletes, parents/guardians, and community members:


It is with great pleasure that I write to you for the first time as Head Coach of the Satellite Football Program.  I’m extremely excited for the opportunity to give back to the community that my family and I live in and love dearly. I would like to thank our principal, Mark Elliott, and the hiring committee for entrusting me with this position. I also would like to thank our previous head coach, Mark Carstens, who lead our program with such class and dignity.


This letter (along with the associated Parent/Player Handbook & Website) serves as my introduction and explanation of my vision for the program. It also serves as a statement of my dedication to Satellite Football and my desire to be the longest tenured head coach in program history.

Our program’s purpose and mission is the “Why” behind all we do. We will take ownership of this purpose, require a collective buy-in from all members of the program, align all aspects of our program to this purpose, and enforce consistent accountability. There is NO ONE within the program that is above this purpose.


Purpose (Identity):             We are UNCOMMON.

Mission:                                To educate, develop, train and inspire each Scorpion football player so that each proud graduate is an UNCOMMON leader of character who embodies our core values and traditions, and is prepared to change the world through a lifetime of professional excellence and service.


Our program’s core values and behaviors are the “How” behind building UNCOMMON leaders, an UNCOMMON team, and an UNCOMMON program. They are what we believe and how we behave. We will strive to develop, teach and reinforce these values and behaviors in every player, while ensuring each coach embodies them daily.


Core Values:                        Relationships.      Commitment.      Attitude.                Work Ethic.         Competiveness.

Core Behaviors:                 Serve.                    Sacrifice.              Swagger.               Sweat.                    Savage.


I firmly believe that when the development of each player comes first, then success on the field will take care of itself. Thus, it’s my main duty as the head coach to be the cultural and moral compass that will build, teach, lead and reinforce this UNCOMMON culture in our program through loving relationships and family. I must have high standards, enforce consistent accountability, and provide our staff/players with tools that teach and empower. I must build UNCOMMON leaders, an UNCOMMON team, and an UNCOMMON program of tradition that generates immense support and that players, coaches, students, staff/faculty, alumni and community are proud of. We will ask tough questions, provide innovative solutions, take calculated risks and challenge the status quo.


I look at mentoring your child through a parent’s eyes. My two young children, Graham (6) & Cambelle (4), will likely be under the mentorship of many coaches during their youth. There is nothing I would rather want for my children than a coach that is concerned with more than just the sport, with more than just winning. I want my children to have coaches that inspire them to be better athletes through a foundation of love & trust, and most importantly, that assist in the positive development of their character. I will strive to do the same for your child.


I look forward to meeting all of you in the very near future and building positive relationships that last a lifetime.




Ted Kimmey

Head Football Coach, Satellite High School



We are not like them. They do things that way. We’re like ourselves. We do things this way. There’s nobody quite like us. We’re different. Our purpose, values and behaviors are beyond anyone else’s. Nobody can go where we’re going. We’re unique. We think and act differently, and we respond differently to situations. We are UNCOMMON.


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