The UNCOMMON Crew - "UCrew"

At the conclusion of every Spring & Summer, we will nominate 4-6 individuals for induction into the U Crew (Uncommon Crew) for the season. They will be nominated by their teammates. The U Crew is an exclusive group of ELITE SAVAGES – they are the leaders of the team, serve as council to the HC, lead us into battle and are the ULTIMATE TEAMMATES. They consistently exude our core values and behaviors and can confidently represent our team in all areas needed, at all times. Only members of the U Crew can be elected as Gameday Team Captains. Individuals will receive a wristband that they will be required to wear at all times, a special U Crew T Shirt for the weight room and team events, and a U Crew Bandana. Bandanas will be removed prior to game time, tied to our battle staff and carried into battle by the Gameday Team Captains as a symbol of our unity and preparedness for the game. U Crew members will be required to memorize and recite the UNCOMMON CREED prior to being officially inducted. We will induct new members weekly during the season and will hold the ceremony prior to game time. U Crew members must be able to recite the UNCOMMON CREED whenever asked, by standing in front of their peers and reciting it. If they do not know or remember it, they will be suspended from the U Crew until they can recite it comfortably. We will vote our official Gameday Team Captains at the conclusion of every Summer – although every Senior (including Rising Senior) is considered a Team Captain. UCrew will represent the team at every event!


THE UNCOMMON CREED: We are not like them. They do things that way. We’re like ourselves. We do things this way. There’s nobody quite like us. We’re different. Our expectations, behaviors and values are beyond anyone else’s. Nobody can go where we’re going. We’re unique. We think and act differently, and we respond differently to situations. We are UNCOMMON.

ALL STATE *As of 2016*


Andrew Abendroth


JD Arnold

Alex Iervasi

Luis Morris

Noah Mumme

Cam Saydo


JD Arnold

Nick Bergeron

Beau Cole

Alex Goodale

Trevor Fish

Spenser Heusinkveld

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